Sunday, February 28, 2010

Appraisal, Impulse, Action

When we believe a situation requires some sort of defensive reaction, our nervous system's "fight/flight/freeze/faint" impulse is triggered. This appraisal that there is a potential danger leads to an impulse to a defensive action. Although this may seem like an instantaneous reaction, we can consciously and significantly impact this process. But first, we have to be aware it is happening!

There are two places in our defensive reactions where we can train ourselves to use breathing and compassionate observation techniques. The first place is at the beginning: we can question and/or re-evaluate our appraisal of the situation and this will mitigate/minimize the defensive impulse. The second place (and the easiest of the two to identify at first) is to use the breathing and compassionate observation to create a pause between the impulse and the action. This pause allows us to choose a response instead of defaulting to our conditioned response.

These techniques are not difficult to do, but they are not easy to remember to use because they take practice and a returning of our attention again and again to our inner workings. It is a major re-training. It changes focus from what we stand against to what we stand for - empowering instead of enabling, facilitating instead of obstructing and expanding instead of contracting our energy in the face of unwanted/unexpected stimuli.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Back To Blogging Because I Want To!

Hi Friends,

Yes it has been some time since I have blogged and the hiatus has been good. I was blogging carefully and semi-regularly, but it was because I should. Because I was told that it was smart to have a blog, to get and keep my name out there in cyberspace, to market, to network, to make a splash. All those reasons are good, but they aren't what motivates me to write. When I was putting myself on a schedule, it was just another thing I "should" do and felt obligated to do. Really, I like writing when I feel I have something of value to communicate - either a realization that might help others, an interesting something I have learned, a common thread that weaves through our lives...stuff like that. Tonight I'm focused on "how" I write, not just what I write about. I am observing myself and consciously infusing the act of writing with appreciation, enthusiasm and good posture :) Probably good advice for most daily actions!

Warm Regards,